Sven Ratzke - Diva Diva's

Dennis Veldman Fotograaf  donderdag 25 juli 2013

Hello Everyone!

As most of you know i met Sven Ratzke thanks to my friend Joost Gimbel, who i have met at an event during on Queensnight called "Rumour has it" (3 years ago already), i was photographing and at the door was a gorgeous dragqueen called Hoax (Joost).

Joost does a lot of different things and he also worked at "The Parade" where Sven Ratzke & Ellen ten Damme had their show.

At some point Sven told Joost that he needed new and fresh pressphoto's.. Lucky me! Joost thought of me and there was an email from Sven Ratzke - shortly after i went to Sven at his home and i photographed him and we could really connect that day.

The pressphoto's were recieved very well and Sven told me about "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" and that he would be playing the role of Hedwig. Again lucky me because i have seen the movie hundreds of times since 2001 when i first heard about it.

I have photographed Sven as Hedwig in Berlin but before that we also did another shoot a few weeks before; for Sven's upcoming show "Diva Diva's" - the show will come soon, later this year.

I was totally free to come up with something for this shoot and i thought it would be best if i made two photo's - one close-up and one more theatrical, Sven is singing and Charlie (his pianist) would be playing for his audiance, which would be just dragqueens and Hoax (Joost) and his two friends Paul & Paul were there too and they looked fab!

The photo with the microphone will be used as HUGE posters thoughout Amsterdam and probably also Utrecht & everywhere Sven will perform :) 

I am very excited to see my work soon in Amsterdam and we are planning a new shoot :)


PS: this is the teaser video for "Diva Diva's"  << CLICK

Sven Ratzke - Diva Diva's
Sven Ratzke - Diva Diva's
Sven Ratzke - Diva Diva's
Sven Ratzke - Diva Diva's
On the website of "Stadsschouwburg Utrecht"
Sven Ratzke - Diva Diva's
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