Production Paradise

Dennis Veldman Fotograaf  donderdag 25 april 2013

Hi Everyone!

Last week i recieved a phonecall from Production Paradise, a website where you can find photographers, stylist, photo agencies and a lot more and all different kinds of photography from advertising to fashion to kids.

Anyway, i was asked to be featured in the "Amsterdam Showcase" where only the best that Amsterdam has to offer will be in. That is ofcourse a huge compliment and i said... "Let's do it"

They needed a selection of 8 photo's.. but i have so much! what was there to choose from? 

I picked a wide assortment of work, from advertising, fashion and pressphoto's; like my latest photoshoot in Berlin, my advertising campaign for SHUZ, and the pressphoto's for Gerti Bierenbroodspot and Sven Ratzke. and a couple of personal favorites.

Now a week later exactly today : the showcase went online since this afternoon and guess what.. i recieved an email from a modelling agency in Germany.


This "showcase" goes global.. so i hope that it will be seen by the "right" people!

Click here to go to the Amsterdam Showcase

Click here to go my Showcase directly

Production Paradise
Production Paradise