Photography for Cold Method

Dennis Veldman Fotograaf  maandag 17 december 2012

On the 10th of December i have photographed model Marten Raw for the clothing brand Cold Method.

I came to be in touch with the head designer of Cold Method, Dieter de Cock via Twitter and soon after i got an email with the question.. "Would you like to photograph our "Amsterdam International FashionWeek 2013 invite?"

Ofcourse i said yes!! YES YES YES!

The photo's were made at the showroom of CM, it went really fast, the styling was awesome and i knew what i wanted. (that helps. a LOT) I made a small selection of photo's as soon as i got home, sent them and Dieter picked one photo (i kept one for myself as well ;) ) and it has been retouched and delivered.

Now all we can do is wait.. untill i will recieve the invite (they are working on it)


Photography for Cold Method