Ambacht, Interieurontwerp, Textiel

Margaret van Bekkum


My Philosophy

Work and life are inspired by the diversity of our culture, surroundings in our heritage nature and architecture.

This inspiration gives me a passion for creating.

The design process expresses the beauty of trusting your eyes, heart and hands. 

Exploring new options is a constant source of inspiration which I would like to share with you.

I also work on commission to design custom pillows and blankets using a base of felt with a blend of copper, silk or alpaca wool.  In it’s own right the art comes to life in a modern or classic interior; a business or home environment with a colour palette of your choosing.

The felt invites to be touched, awakens discovery and has a warm appearance.

It gives me great pleasure to present my collection to you.

With love,
Margaret van Bekkum

Telefoon: 0641362948
Vestigingsplaats: Utrecht
Regio's: Internationaal, Internationaal
Bedrijfsleven, Interieur, Kunst, Particulier, Design,
Werkervaring: 5-10 jaar
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