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Margaret van Bekkum

Good Acoustic in Beauty

 Margaret van Bekkum is part of a generation of contemporay Dutch felt designers. in her work she shows an intuitive feeling for design and explores new ways of combining felt with hot copper or gold.

With her passion for exploring new possibillities she has left her mark on both product and interior design in the residential-,office-and hotel sectors.

Fears Felt by Margaret van Bekkum is a key design idea, which aims to define the atmosphere of a space and which has the unique abillity to create different moods.

Launched during London Design Week, Olympia Room West Kensington.











Telefoon: + 31 6 41362948
Vestigingsplaats: Utrecht
Regio's: Internationaal, Internationaal
Klanten: Particulier, Zakelijk
Bedrijfsleven, Interieur, Hotel Design, Architecture, Kunst, Particulier, Design,
Werkervaring: tot 5 jaar

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