Fashion Business Course

Amsterdam Fashion Academy  dinsdag 14 februari 2017

Sta je te popelen om aan het werk te gaan in de fashionindustrie? Leg de basis voor je carrière met deze part time cursus Fashion Business van de Amsterdam Fashion Academy. Je doet in drie maanden - zeer gewilde - kennis en ervaring op op het gebied van marketing en PR, trend consultancy en advertising.  

Fashion Business - part time course for those who are eager to work within fashion! #amsterdam #fashion #academy #fashionbusiness #branding #marketing

De Amsterdam Fashion Academy is een internationale 'boutique' academy met Engels als voertaal. De cursus vindt plaats op 15 vrijdagen van 9:30 tot 17:00 uur. De cursus start op 3 maart 2017 en duurt tot 30 juni. Maximum aantal deelnemers: 12. 
Aanmelden vóór 28 februari! 

Course outline
You will learn about image, trend forecasting, branding, market research and promotion techniques, along with new media and advertising. You will be taught how to look critically at design, clothing lines and collections in order to develop suitable marketing campaigns. Moreover, the course will teach you how to manage advertising budgets and the dynamics of the support team, i.e. the working team in charge of the devising, design and successful delivery and follow up of a promotional strategy.

There is of course no successful marketing or selling without good communication. This part of the course teaches you how to analyse and experience all aspects of communication. Communication strategies are examined including those used in public relations, event management, social media and online media. This course has both academic and creative aspects giving you the required knowledge and creative flair you will need for a successful career in the fashion industry.